A new exhibition hall for breeding in France

On Thursday September 17th, Calipro inaugurated its new exhibition hall specially dedicated to breeding, located instead of its old store, at 5 rue d'Armor in Lamballe, in Brittany !

There are now 1000 m² of exhibition devoted to equipment for breeders, making it the largest permanent breeding exhibition space in France !

A day full of discovering and meetings

For the occasion, more than 20 partners came to present their solutions and discuss with breeders: a great moment of sharing around our professions. Among them were also craftsmen and companies specializing in masonry, carpentry, food, ventilation ... with a stand at their disposal to favor moments of discussion.

It is now possible to see, touch and test all the solutions that Calipro offers for livestock building projects: maternity, gestation, post-weaning, fattening, lighting, water treatment, biosecurity, connected breeding ... and well moreover !

The event transmitted in live

The event also took place on the networks with a new Facebook Live of approximately 40 minutes during which our Internet users were able to virtually visit the exhibition hall and have some explanations from our partners.

To see the Facebook Live : https://bit.ly/2ZXe6rE

What is Calipro ?

In France, Cooperl Equipments serves and supports the locals, who build, renovate, repair, manufacture, raise, equip themselves ... by looking at their projects, their needs. We operate in the fields of materials, construction, interior and exterior fittings, tools / hardware / equipment and breeding equipment for 5 types of clientele: individuals, breeders, artisans, distributors and manufacturers.

In addition to distribution, Cooperl Equipements designs, manufactures, provides logistics, after-sales service and the installation of some of its products. Its core business is deployed in France and internationally, through its 8 Calipro stores, its Calipro Online online sales site and its mobile sales team.

Additional photos of the new exhibition hall dedicated to breeding

The largest exhibition hall dedicated to breeding in France