Applications for production

Three solutions to efficiently manage animal production : Pass'Sow, Pass'Pork and Pass'Pork lite


Dedicated to production


  • Management of all the care and treatment of the sow (regulatory obligations, animal welfare)
  • Management of the prolificacy of filiation. Monitored indicator = number of pigs/sow


Pass'Pork and Pass'Pork lite

  • Traceability from birth to the slautherhouse guaranteed
  • Tool for controlling the requirements of the specifications (without antibiotics)
  • Individualized health monitoring with anticipation of regulatory changes
  • Animal welfare control


Pass'Pork lite is the last application development of establishing a follow-up batch by batch, or room by room, unlike Pass’Pork which tracks information in an individualized way thanks to RFID technology.


Managing the productivity of sow offspring more effectively

Thanks to the two interconnected Pass’Sow and Pass’Pork, Cooperl Suite provides complete information from the birth of the piglet to the slauterhouse thanks to the RFID loop, while maintening the parentage link.