The importance of meat quality

NucléusTM distinguishes itself from its main competitors in that it pays special attention to the quality of meat. For several decades, meat was sampled according to all technological characteristics (maximum pH level, color, water holding capacity, etc.). This research has led us to produce a high quality pork product that meets the industry's expectations.

For a long time now, NUCLEUS has collected much data from the slaughterhouse: pH 6 - pH24 - water retention - colorimetry - yield. In the sire line, 30% of the selection’s total goal is focused on meat quality.

NucléusTM has two separate lines of Pietrain, here in the picture on the right.

Up to 2013, we have measured IMF (Intra Muscular Fat) on live animals by scanner and loin pieces (NIR methods). Our data is compared monthly with a World data base located in Canada.

All our Pietrain boars are certified on boar taint transmission by a dedicated method validated by INRA (National Research Institute).

Genetics support offered by Nucléus teams

NucléusTM proposes to support you in your genetic project. In order to express the high genetic potential of NucléusTM breeding stock, technical management of herd becomes a key-point. NucléusTM experts will give you advice in order to allow the full expression of the exceptional breeding potential of NucléusTM animals.

Do you want to produce F1 gilts your self?

NucléusTM will give you advice on the management of your GGP and GP herds. NucléusTM gives you access to the know-how of our genetic experts to select the best animals according to your breeding goals.

Benefit of NUCLEUS experience in pig breeding

  • Technical visits to give you improvement tracking
  • Complete technical and genetic audit of the farm
  • Genetic evaluation of your herd
  • Advice for selection
  • Training in France


NucleusTM reproductive animals, selected according to a large number of criteria and using genomes, combine the following characteristics: potential for improvement, quality and ease of maintenance.
NucleusTM is represented by GGP herds around the world and provides reproducers in 4 main breeds.