Piglet feed developed by Cooperl teams pursue two goals :

  • Increase your technical performances
  • Reduce your feed cost

To answer those needs, several products will give you satisfaction : Prem'Baby, Prem'Booster, Prem'Sweet, Prem'Acti and Prem'Safe.

Here are some explanations about creep feed on the right :


Because each piglet is different, our teams dedicated to animal nutrition have developed prestarter for weaned piglets. Those piglets need special feed to improve their performance or digestive safety.

Direction for use

  • Distribute a small quantity 2-3 times a day
  • Ensure product freshness
  • Access to fresh and clean water

A french label for antibiostic resistance

Cooperl commits itself for combating antibiotic resistance : 66% of our sales are from antibiotic-free and zinc-free

For more information

Porcimine : our macro premix

Porcimine is our macro premix dedicated to breeding. Thanks to our teams, 160 000 tons of feed are produced with porcimine in France and abroad.