Pro Dromi®, free farrowing systems


Loose-housed sow pen weans 500g heavier piglets

Pro Dromi® is a range of unique free farrowing systems designed by farmers and Wageningen University. These systems ensure an optimal environment for good results by realising more space and a cool macroclimate for the sow, while providing a safe and warm microclimate for the piglets. The strong Pro Grip flooring with patented high-low profile ensures perfect grip and hygiene for both sow and piglets.

Main technical characteristics

Pro Dromi® Classic

This pen is designed for optimal safety, hygiene and comfort for animals and farmer. The Nanny, placed at the corridor ensures a safe and warm environment for the piglets but also easy checking, catching and treatment of piglets for the farmer.

Pro Dromi® Basic

Your traditional farrowing pen, but with more space for the sow and optimal udder access for your piglets! Based on 15 years of experience in farrowing equipment, this design excels in simplicity.

Pro Dromi® Up

A combination of free farrowing with moveable floor during the first 48 hours after farrowing ensures a loose housing solution with guaranteed less mortality! Enables every farmer to work with loose housed sows where the lift floor prevents up to 80% of crushed piglets.



Pro Dromi®, free farrowing systems, can be equipped with a heated water plate or Nanny (a fully enclosed heated piglet cubicle). Both piglet nests are equally heated by a water circuit. No electricity is needed in the farrowing department, which reduces fire hazard of this equipment dedicated to farm building.