The slaughter, cutting, preparation and processing of meat are at the heart of our business. Pigs are born, bred and slaughtered and processed in France. Our products dedicated to export are produced in three certificated plants : Lamballe (22), Montfort-sur-Meu (35) and Saint-Maixent (79). Thanks to our butcher's know-how and our distribution network, we ensure our members a qualitative enhancement of their production.


Complete and integrated production chains

Animal welfare

Food composed principally of cereals(mainly OGM free and hormone free) and good breeding conditions thanks to pure water and filtered air.

Animal feeding

Formulation feed specific to the age of the animals and full traceability of this feed.

Genetic department

Best genetics to obtain the best meat quality.


Non-pharmaceutical remedies to treat animals using natural methods avoiding the use of antibiotics.


Treatment and waste recycling (environmental protection, sustainable development and sustainable treatment of waste).

Breeding techniciens

Sharing of best practices, help and advice to the breeders, social link in the farms.

Our struggle against antibiotic resistance

  • Good breeding practices to prevent animal disease
  • Quick identification of sick animals and treatment with alternative medicines (homeopathy, herbal medicine or essential oil)
  • If needed, at the last resort, the use of antibiotics is allowed, in order to avoid any suffering for the animal. The sick animal is then removed from the antibiotic free chain.


Thanks to all these efforts, Cooperl has reduced the rate of antibiotic use by 75% in the Antibiotic Free Chain. 

“We are more animal reares than breeders. Pigs speak to us with their own language, we have to understand it.” V. Le Noir - Cooperl farmer cooperator



3 priorities dedicated to one objective


Respect of the regulations


Sanitary safety


R&D for product innovation and to improve animal welfare / environment / reduction of ATB use


One unique goal : the satisfaction of our customers by providing quality products

Key numbers

2 950

Breeders in France


Sows per farm


Of total production is exported

180 000

Tons exported



Our catalogue

Our specialisation in pig production provides us with comprehensive expertise in pig meat and its transformation. We only use technologies designed for the material, in this case blood, to extract the best from it and to offer you high-quality products. Vertical integration enables us to guarantee full traceability of both our livestock and our products.