Market leader in France for pig feed production

Our cooperative Cooperl is the market leader in France for pig feed productionThanks to our activity in nutrition, there was :

  • 1 750 000 tons of animal feed produced in 2019 of which 31 000 tons of prestater for piglets,
  • 5 500 000 pigs fed,
  • 220 000 sows fed.


The Cooperl feeds pursue two goals :

  • Increase your technical performances in your livestock building,
  • Reduce your feed cost dedicated to animals.

Our feeding program

Correctly identifying animals needs and optimizing the feeding program, as well as its interaction with health and genetics, are important priorities for our teams.

Based on many years of experience and accumulated knowledge in nutrition and formulation for animals, our specialists offer you the opportunity to professionally optimize your existing feeding program and adapt it to your specific conditions of breeding.

Improve knowledge and optimize practice

Depending on your needs, Cooperl offers a tailor-made power supply program to increase the profitability of each of your buildings.

The objective is to precisely meet the feed needs of animals in order to maximize feed efficiency, minimize waste, optimize the income of the pig farmer and provide the end consumer with a safe and healthy product that meets current market expectations in terms of characteristics.

Cooperl's animal feed business includes a department of 10 highly qualified feed specialists responsible for formulating feed and feed additives for pigs of different sexes and age groups.

Our nutrition activity in France

Our activity in nutrition is unique. Thanks to our experienced teams, Cooperl feeds are always developed for pig breeders and partners of Cooperl. Thus, our customer receives a proven high quality product, the main goal of which is to optimize production.

Our products and services

Our specialists of feed production for breeding offer you proven and high quality products, as well as services for the complete optimization of the entire feeding program, which will allow you to increase the economic efficiency of production.