Modern farm design projects

Our company offers you modern farm design projects using the latest technological advances and adapts the solutions exactly to your farm and your requirements.

We have a team of experts in breeding design in the field of pig building construction.

Thanks to research and development, we offer you the best suggestions in order to achieve the planned results in new buildings or renovation, the same is for the internal operation of the farm facilities.

Our commitments in favor of animal welfare applied to breeding conditions (hygiene, feed, temperature, biosecurity...) are the keys to obtain a high meat quality. We have developed a state of the art farm building.

We offer these innovative solutions

  • Air filtration system that improves biosecurity,

  • Integrated manure separation system (TRAC) that removes phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), ammonia and odors from the pit,

  • Perfalu ceiling that homogeneously diffuses air in the building,

  • Farrowing pens with a balance floor under the sow that reduce the number of crushed piglets,

  • Loose housing farrowing system adapted to welfare philosophy,

  • All necessary equipment for penning, feeding, drinking ... adapted to animals and breeding conditions,

  • A large range of new products developed by our R&D department to help pig farmers.