Manage your breeding with your fingertips

Getting the best out of your breeding animals

The Cooperl team will provide site audits as well as advice to your team to ensure you get the best out of your animals' potential while leveraging our best practices in the pig industry.


Increasing the profitability of your production

Reduce your costs, upgrade buildings and equipment, train your team in efficient working methods, improve biosecurity, personalize equipment according to the needs of your farm.


Protecting your investment

Proven French technology and strict adherence to international standards to protect your farm and reduce investment risks.


Long-term cooperation

We will ensure the dynamic development of your pig breeding complex based on the Cooperl 360 ° approach.

IMPACT : full support by our experts

Our experts will guide you towards this dynamic of progress and provide you with a proactive and rigorous follow-up.


Cooperl launched its own software package and also created a separate development team for an industrial equipment control system in the IoT format (the Internet of Things).