Duroc by Nucléus

Male line

Exceptional production performances

NucléusTM provides reproductors from the 4 principal breeds. In male line, there are Pietrain and Duroc. NucléusTM is also present by GGP herds all over the world.



Technical results

Due to the size of our GGP herds (1000 GGP sows), a very high selection procedure is done in order to select the best boars.

Here is some figures about Duroc by NucléusTM :

  • Age at 100 kg: 130 days
  • Backfat at 100 kg: 10.2 mm
  • Lean meat at 100 kg: 4%


NucléusTM has particularly worked on FCR & ADG ans the results are there

4 years ago NUCLEUS has installed feed control equipment in several selection farms of Pietrain. This equipment controls the Average Daily Weight Gain (ADG) and the Feed Conversion Rate (FCR).

Performances of boars tested and entered in AI Center from those farms are simply wonderful.

In average, age at 100 kg is less than 131 days, it means 4 month and 11 days of life. Their Feed Conversion Rate during that period of fattening is less than 2.20.