Perfalu™, diffusor ceiling


Multiholes with multi directions for homogeneous air diffusion, it guarantees animal comfort, fast and safety growth.

Thanks to research & development in building and automatism, our exclusive Perfalu™, diffusor ceiling, guarantees smooth and homogenous air diffusion in all the rooms without air turbulence in your farm buildings.


The Perfalu™ diffusor ceiling is made of perforated aluminium sheets. 60% Full & 40% empty rate: allows to renew the necessary air volume. The speed of the incoming air: from 0.5 to 1.5m / second for 1 hole of Perfalu™ and it is depending on hatch opening.

Perfalu™, diffuser ceiling



  • Equipment made from aluminium for better hygiene, easy cleaning and durability.
  • Multi holes-Multi direction for safety and homogenous air diffusion.
  • Slow air speed and high flow of new air due to multi holes/ can be combined with basket fans.
  • Air volume optimization for heating/cooling = energy saving.
  • The Perfalu™ diffusor ceiling is non-combustible and resistant to oxidation.

Tested by Chinese farmers

Efficiency of Perfalu™ diffusor ceiling can be compared to tunnel ventilation

  • Better FCR for Perfalu™ : - 0.18
  • Better alive rate for Perfalu™ : + 1.5%
  • Better average weight for Perfalu™ : +1 kg / piglet after nursery