C360 Modulable liquid feeding


Feed trough probe system for farrowing sow

C360 Modulable liquid feeding associates distribution ball-valves + feed level probe for time between feed distribution and the probe discovering and notifying that the trough is empty. C360 Modulable liquid feeding analyses the animal’s needs and enables to optimize the feed consumption in farrowing and avoids the daily work for refusals in trough or valve adjustments. A specific circuit board ensures ball-valves control and enables real time reading for hundreds of probes.

A very friendly management software enables to set the graphs, the wanted feeding methods and adapts itself for each sow feed distribution depending on each feeding manners. It is composed of a trough probe and a ball-valve with airram.



Increase your farm profitability thanks to this animal feeding equipment


  • Optimizing the consumption graphs and so the milk production, the gestation weight and the reproducing performances. 
  • It manages and automatically modifies the meals.


Programmable alarms inform the breeder of any changes in the animal consumption.


Feed waste, duty of checking the refusals in trough, human error.


Tracks the consumption of each sow or each group of pigs, super-imposed graphs of the theoretical and real consumptions, verifies the pertinence of the applied feeding plan.

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