Vari Plus System, balance farrowing pen


Saving piglets in farrowing: 80% less crushed

With over 15 years of experience, the lift floor of Vari Plus System is a sophisticated and simple system that prevents crushing of piglets in the farrowing phase. When the sow stands, the lift floor rises to 25 cm above floor level. This way, the piglets cannot get underneath the sow, lowering the risk of piglet losses. When the sow lies down again, the floor slowly goes down back to floor level


Main technical characteristics


With the Vari plus system, a balance farrowing pen, the lift floors can be set to manual, automatic control, or completely turned off by a central operating unit on the corridor. With automatic control, a sow activates the lift floor herself by pushing the lightweight and flexible operating spring at her back.


The horizontal placement of the 4 air cylinders ensures equal and smooth raising of the floor and reduces the space necessary for the mechanism under the floor. As soon as the floor moves down, the cylinders release their air which can be re-used by a repressor to save energy.


The flooring consists of the same elements as a (non-movable) Pro Step floor; with fully plastic slats to offer optimal grip and comfort for the piglets and cool cast iron underneath the sow which can be 600 mm or 650 mm wide. The lifting part of the Vari Plus System floor is available in galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Advantages of this balance farrowing pen

  • The lift floor of Vari Plus System is suitable for all types of farrowing systems, also for systems with loose housed sows.
  • Is this farming equipment suitable for your farm? Ask us what your benefit could be!


 Efficiency of this livestock equipment : quick ROI through an increase of 8 piglets per farrowing pen per year.

Vari plus system, balance farrowing penVari plus system, balance farrowing pen


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