French leader in pig selection with a 40% market share

Since 1972, Cooperl has been organizing its pig-breeding program with a group of highly specialized breeders.

Through its genetic subsidiary company NucléusTM, Cooperl is the French leader in pig selection with a 40% market share.

Most important genetics company in France

NucléusTM is the most important French genetic scheme (40% market share in France). Major operators in Europe and Asia are confident about NucléusTM genetic and have chosen to work with us.
NucléusTM is close to the needs of breeders and the pork chain. Through its work in genetics and sanitary conditions, NucléusTM ambition is to give them clear and practical answers.
Thanks to the close collaboration between a network of breeders and a team with multiple skills, NucléusTM creates products with an unequalled price: quality ratio.

Genetic subsidiary company Nucleus offers

  • High health status: breeding livestock free of major disease and GGP-GP farms equipped with air filtration system.
  • High genetic pressure insuring high genetic potential.
  • Economical efficiency and profitability.
  •  The aim is to produce high-quality pork products based on:
    - The breeding performances (reproduction & growth),
    - The carcass quality (meat yield, control of fat deposits),
    - The meat quality (color, taste, texture, lean meat rate...).


  • Genetic analysis of NucléusTM experts,
  • DNA samples collected from birth for genetic research,
  • Specific evaluation of animals et each stage,
  • Application of very strict bio-security rules.

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Our reproductive livestock and breeding priorities

NucleusTM reproductive animals, selected according to a large number of criteria and using genomes, combine the following characteristics: potential for improvement, quality and ease of maintenance.
TM is represented by GGP herds around the world and provides reproducers in 4 main breeds.

Genetics services

NucléusTM distinguishes itself from its main competitors in that it pays special attention to the quality of meat. For several decades, meat was sampled according to all technological characteristics (maximum pH level, color, water holding capacity, etc.). This research has led us to produce a high quality pork product that meets the industry's expectations.