Cooperl is leading integrated pork producer in Europe

Located in France, Cooperl is the leading French company offering a global solution in the pork industry.

Our unique 360° approach in the sector guarantees a reliable traceability, food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental respect.  We export our products all over the world in more than 45 countries.

We offer an integrated range of technologies and services for people who want to invest in the pig industry in order to support them on every stage of their project.

Thanks to the organization and extensive expertise acquired in pig production for more than 55 years, Cooperl is the best partner who can assure a high return of your project with a careful consideration of human and environmental values.

A worldwide presence for 40 years

Internationally recognized and represented by our offices all around the world and offering all Cooperl technology, products and experience: England, Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Canada. 

Our group now achieves one-third of its revenue from pig meat outside France.

Creation of a novelty project in China

One of our greatest international achievements is the creation of our own breeding farm called Henan Cooperl Pig Breeding in China. This breeding of 1 500 pure breed sows (LargeWhite, Landrace, Piétrain, Duroc) from our selection scheme NUCLEUS is located in Anyang in South West of Beijing. We are able to respond quickly to a growing demand for breeding animals on the Chinese market, while maintaining our progress in genetic performances. This farm has been entirely designed by us and is equipped with our equipment and advanced technologies (air filtration, TRAC, feed factory ...). For the sake of respect for the environment and energy management, our farm has a modern biogas plant.

A strong dynamic of innovation

We rely on innovation, which is at the heart of our development strategy, to ensure the sustainability of the cooperative, its members and our products, in line with societal expectations. 

Overseeing our innovative projects, our research & development team is made up of more than 130 people, spread across our 9 business lines.


Our two offers specially created to meet different needs

  • 360° approach

A unique approach to the pig chain thanks to products that meet your needs and the strength of a multiskilled team. 

  • Impact

A synergical work to an efficient and competitive farm thanks to our experts that will guide you towards this dynamic of progress and provide you with a proactive and rigorous follow-up.