A strong dynamic of innovation

Innovation is a key factor to stand out from the competition. We rely on innovation, which is at the heart of our development strategy, to ensure the sustainability of the cooperative, its members and our products, in line with societal expectations. Overseeing our innovative projects, our research & development team is made up of more than 80 people, spread across our 8 business lines. 

Our priority areas of work are based on our commitments and our values: innovate for sustainable agriculture, for the respect of animals and the environment, to build a relationship of trust with our consumers and to capitalize on know-how. In our cooperative, innovation is an attitude, not a department!

Cooperl is holder of more than 10 patents

The R&D department of Cooperl brings together 50 people in highly varied profiles (agro engineers, veterinarians, mechanics, electronics engineers, etc.), who are currently working on about 70 projects, cross-cutting to the various branches of Cooperl.

The innovative systems developed by Cooperl respond to two important issues. They concern the expectations of consumers in terms of the quality of products, animal welfare and respect of the environment.

« We work on the circular economy a lot: recycling waste while creating value. We’ve developed a system of methanation of animal manure, recycled in gas, which we use in our facilities and to heat the private sector of our office city : Lamballe. We also accompany the breeders who wish it in the treatment (processing) of their liquid manure. Concerning the products, the trend is to decrease the amount of additives in meat. »

To test and approve our innovative solutions Cooperl has an experimental farm called ‘Ville Poissin’. More than 40 tests are conducted annually for the whole sector. These new approved technologies and products are to the service of our pig breeders and partners to achieve the highest performances.

Cooperl innovations have an international success

Cooperl has won Innov’ Space awards several times in France :

  • 2017 – Innov'Space trophy for PASS’PORK applicationthe result of the joint work of the R&D and IT departments of Cooperl.
  • 2019 – Innov'Space trophy for LUMINO, a LED lighting regulation system creating an inside natural light.
  • 2020 – Innov'Space trophy for EKO GERM D by Farmapro, a foaming disinfectant for livestock buildings. 
  • 2021 – Innov'Space trophy for an innovating and flexible concept dedicated to breeding.
  • 2023 – Innov'Space trophy for Porcho, a slurry vacuum cleaner installed under livestock buildings.

Our two offers specially created to meet different needs

  • 360° approach

A unique approach to the pig chain thanks to products that meet your needs and the strength of a multiskilled team. 

  • Impact

A synergical work to an efficient and competitive farm thanks to our experts that will guide you towards this dynamic of progress and provide you with a proactive and rigorous follow-up.