1 - 360° approach

A unique 360° approach to the pig chain


Products that meet your needs and the strength of a multiskilledteam of specialists!

Cooperl is a leading French agricultural production cooperative that has been providing global solutions to the pig industry for 55 years.

We invite you to explore our comprehensive and industry-unique 360 ​​° approach to achieving effective results at every stage of the pig production chain. Our experts will help you make progress and provide you with prompt and thorough support.

Building and automatism

Our company offers you modern farm design projects using the latest technological advances and adapts the solutions exactly to your farm and your requirement. We have a team of experts in breeding design in the field of pig building construction.

We offer you the best suggestions in order to achieve the planned results in new buildings or renovation, the same is for the internal operation of the farm facilities. The breeding conditions (hygiene, feed, temperature, biosecurity...) are the keys to obtain a high meat quality. Cooperl has developed a state of the art farm building.



Genetics, pure breed and semens

Since 1972, Cooperl has been organizing its pig-breeding program with a group of highly specialized breeders.

Through its genetic subsidiary company Nucleus™, Cooperl is the French leader in pig selection with a 40% market share.


Nutrition and formulation

Cooperl is the market leader in France for pig feed production.

  • 1 750 000 tons of animal feed produced in 2019 of which 31 000 tons of prestater for piglets,
  • 5 500 000 pigs feds,
  • 220 000 sows fed.

Health and biosecurity

Since 1990, Farmapro™, Cooperl’s animal health branch, has been developing alternative veterinary solutions, to guarantee healthy animals and a highly profitability production.

Environment and coproducts

In the 1980s, the cooperative’s members became aware of the importance of placing the environment at the heart of their development strategy. Then, they worked on the creation of solutions to accommodate environmental compliance and agricultural production.

Slaughtering and processing

Cooperl has been pork supply experts for over 50 years.

  • 3 certificated plants
  • 20% of all french production
  • 450 000 tons per year

Cured meat and charcuteries

We are located in several production areas in France but mainly in Brittany, where the cooperative has been created more than 50 years ago.

Thanks to our experience and our know-how in cured meat, we adapt ourselves to the requirements of different countries in terms of ingredients or market entry formalities.

Farm management and smart farming

The Cooperl teams support you in achieving your goals: getting the most out of your breeding animals, increasing the profitability of your production, protecting your investment, planning for the long term ...

2 - Impact

A synergical work to an efficient and competitive farm

Our experts will guide you towards this dynamic of progress and provide you with a proactive and rigorous follow-up.

Impact by Cooperl : implications and actions

                            “I want to improve the competence of my employees.”                                 “I want to work on the automatisms.”                          “I want to progress

A strong dynamic of innovation

We rely on innovation, which is at the heart of our development strategy, to ensure the sustainability of the cooperative, its members and our products, in line with societal expectations. 

Overseeing our innovative projects, our research & development team is made up of more than 80 people, spread across our 8 business lines.