In 2020, Zhengbang Group signed an first contract to purchase 4,000 breeding animals with Nucléus, a subsidiary of Cooperl. This order is the largest import order ever to be placed in China. In addition, 2,000 additional animals have already been ordered by the same customer ZhengBang, which will bring the number of breeding animals exported from France to this customer to 6,000.

Despite this difficult period, related to the Coronavirus epidemic, a first batch of more than 1,000 breeding animals arrived safely at Kunming Airport (South China) on March 8. After the on-site inspection by Chinese Customs veterinarians, this batch was then shipped to the customer's quarantine farm.


All about the different stages:

  • On January 3, 2020, four members of the Zhengbang group selection team, led by Vice President WANG Qinglai, arrived in Rennes. After three days of quarantine, the selection work officially began in the farms from January 6.


  • After 5 days of selection, in 13 Nucleus breeding farms, the two parties finalized the list of animals entering the quarantine farm in France. These breeders have passed the official inspection of the French and Chinese health services. After 45 days of quarantine in France, 1,020 animals were shipped by plane from Paris to Kunming.


  • After the animal selection week, carried out in January, the 4 Chinese members visited the Cooperl head office in Lamballe (22), France. They visited Cooperl Meat and Cooperl Environment (Cedev, Fertival, Emeraude bio-énergie), Cooperl Nutrition in Plestan (22) and the butcher “Aurélien” in Plérin (22).