The second batch of Nucleus breeders

After the arrival of the first batch of 1,020 Nucleus breeding animals at Kunming Airport (South China) on March 8; 4 months later and with the efforts of our Nucleus teams and the genetic teams from Cooperl France and Cooperl China, the second batch of 1,500 breeders arrived safely by plane at the same destination in July.

A selection based of the know-how of Cooperl and Nucleus teams

Due to Covid-19, Zhengbang's teams were unable to travel to France for animal selection. Based on our customer's selection requirements, the selection in France was carried out directly by Cooperl and Nucléus teams.

In order to keep the customer informed in real time, we communicated every day detailed information on each breeding selection by sending photos of the sorting operations.

Transport by plane from France to China

During the transfer of animals to Paris-Vatry airport, biosecurity regulations have been strictly applied.

The second batch of 1,500 breeders arrived safely at Kunming Airport on July 9 and 10 by two planes. After official inspection by Chinese health services, they were shipped to the customer's quarantine.