A partnership with New Hope Liuhe

At the end of 2016, we partnered with New Hope Liuhe, a major agro-food player in the Chinese market, to create a Joint-Venture on a 50/50 equity basis. The goal of this Joint-Venture is to produce French charcuterie in China for distribution on Chinese territory.

It materialized in the construction of a factory to manufacture cured meats and other cooked, uncooked or smoked products. The approximately 8,000m2 building is located in the city of Pinggu, 70 km northeast of Beijing.

Our french know-how through our french brand Brocéliande

With this new cured meats factory, Cooperl wishes to develop a complete production chain in China to meet the very high local consumption. This factory will allow us to apply "made in France" expertise to Chinese industry, to promote Brocéliande products and to have new outlets for marketing.

Today, after 3 years of work on this project, Bastien Ballan, factory manager and Lei Yu, production manager (here in the photo), are proud to present us the first ham produced in China !

A successful challenge for Cooperl teams

Ham, cooked sausages, pâtés, bacon, roasts, sausages, etc. The entire Brocéliande cooked charcuterie range will soon be represented and will offer Chinese consumers high quality products, made from pigs raised in France and without antibiotics. At the same time, a brand specific to the JV will be developed: The Fan XI.

The plant will be able to produce more than 7,000 tonnes of cured meats per year and offer around 40 product references using these two brands.