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Waste water treatment plant

STEP - ©Guillaume Coquelin

> Sewage treatment - an efficient technology

Due to the extension of the works and the development of our activities, it became necessary to have a station of Sewage treatment in Lamballe. In 2003 we created our first biological station “Bioset” with sewage treatment by reverse osmosis.The station handles 1 400 000 m3 of the water a year which is the equivalent of a city of 400 000 inhabitants. It is a treatment station of the biological water which produces several by-products valued by Cooperl in biofuel and in fertilizer. 60 % of waste water is recycled thanks to two processes of membrane filtration.

 In 2006 we built a second station which enables us today to treat 100 00 EC (Equivalent Capita) and so to cover 60% of total needs of the works thanks to the use of recycled water in the non-food departments. The economy for the public network achieves  600 000 m3 that makes a consumption of 12 000 inhabitants.