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  • Prestarter for piglets  


> To beter prepare piglets for weanin

Prem’Lac improves the eatability of suckling piglets under the sow:

# Prem’Lac stimulates the appetite because of the high content of milk products and specific fat. 

# Prem’Lac has a structure of small granules (1.8 mm), which facilitates its eatability by the piglets. 


Prem'Lac prepares the piglets to the weaning:

# Distribution of food to piglets under the sow provides them better growth and excellent development. It provides a litter with a significant weight and improves its homogeneity at weaning.

# Consumption of feed by piglets under the sow promotes its better consumption during the first week of weaning and improvement of the growth rate (Bruininx 2002). Piglets consuming Prem’Lac before weaning can rapidly restore their appetite during the weaning period so that the risk of stress in the weaning period considerably decreases. The quantity of piglets who refuse to eat is reduced.

# During manufacture of Prem’Lac the importance of enzymatic secretions and the state of the intestine (Intestinal villi) were taken into account. The risk of diarrhea was substantially reduced.


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# Product freshness

# Distribution 3 to 4 times per day in clean troughs

# Access to fresh and clean water

# Comfortable conditons for piglets 



# From the 8th day of life until weaning 

# Use in small quantities 3-4 times per day

# In clean feeding trough with low edges that need to be washed every day

# While standing beside a trough with clean fresh water.

# Afer each use, hermetically seal the bag and store in a cool dry place

Tableau prem'lac

Data on the composition and nutritional value are approximate and may change depending on technologial innovation in production. 

Release form of Prem'Lac > microgranules of 1.8 mm


# Vitamin E 

# Vitamin C

# Organic seleniun