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Le Cedev

Le Cedev


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> Recycling of industrial effluents and energy supply for slaughterhouses

The Center of Valuation, created in the 2000s includes two activities. The first one, the most important, consists of producing the renewable heat energy to run Cooperl production tools in the zone of Lamballe. The second activity consists of drying coproduced solids stemming from stations Dénitral and those of the water treatment stations. This activity generates two dry sanitized products which are of use as raw material to Fertival to produce natural fertilizers.


CEDEV is a unique European center of Treatment and Valorization, that eliminates waste of COOPERL but also of other agri-food industries in many towns of the region. At the same time it provides the thermal energy that powers the majority of our industrial tools in Lamballe.

CEDEV treats 1 .1 million m3 per year by hysic-chemical process that is equivalent to a city of 400 000 inhabitants. In order to reduce odor CEDEV uses a thermal oxidizer in addition to biomass combustion furnace. CEDEV also dries city sludge in order to supply the furnace with biomass.

CEDEV operates 24H/24H 365 days a year to produce energy for manure treatment stations and drying works of by –products. The Center processes the sludge of fifty towns of the region.