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I feeding duo

I Feeding duo system concept

The double feeder with individual distribution is a mixing system of two feeds with a different composition, dosage and distribution, coupled with identification and weighing systems. This type of distribution enables to control the feed distribution and the feeding behaviour. If there is a change in the animal's feeding behaviour, the breeder is informed by an alert on his smartphone or on other IT device.


Main technical characteristics

#The equipment has a length about 80cm, a depth of 40cm and a height of 1.2m.
#The storage of feed is assured by two hoppers of a capacity of 30kg of dry feeder.
#Troughs scaled at a low price, in a PVC type material.
#Assures half of the daily needs for a pen of 20 animals. Option : add fences so the rationed animal can eat calmly.


Competitive advantages

#Individual feeding system of precision (RFID technology).
#Adapted nutrition to the growth of the pig.
#Better monitoring of the animal's growth (communication on Cooperl Suite).
#Optimisation of the feed costs.
#Less losses in fattening.
#Better sanitary results.
#Reducing the daily tasks of the breeder.
#Cooperl R&D design.