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Food safety



Cooperl Arc Atlantique‘s quality management system aims to achieve risk-free food production.

A major preoccupation for Cooperl Arc Atlantique is food safety and we have four main areas of focus:

  • Satisfaction
  • Service
  • Health
  • Safety

To guarantee food safety Cooperl Arc Atlantique has invested in state of the art technology which ensures traceability at each step of the process. 

Cooperl Arc Atlantique’s pig integration model added to its members’ professionalism, guarantees traceability from the farmer’s pitch fork to the consumer‘s table fork.

  • Genetics: Cooperl Arc Atlantique through its genetic subsidiary company “Nucleus” produces high quality pork products both in terms of carcass and meat quality.
  • Food feed: Cooperl Arc Atlantique feed formulation department designs animal feed which meets consumer expectation in term of quality and food safety through quality assurance and following specific feed requirements.
  • Farming: The 2,700 Cooperl Arc Atlantique members farms are continually supported in their task of focusing upon hygiene, feed and health by a dedicated team of over one hundred technicians and veterinarians.
  • Plants: Health Inspections are carried out in all of the key areas slaughtering process, hygiene, cold chain, product microbiology, finished product physical chemistry.