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Flud'r system



Flud'R system concept

FLUD'R system is a standalone 360° air inlet module with variation of the direction and the volume of the flows at constant speed by a chosen depression.


Main technical characteristics

An adapted system with homogeneous ventilation and real comfort for the animals. It is also a standalone system since it has no electric, pneumatic or other operator. This reveals a certain energy saving and minimum maintenance. It has a significant durability because it consists of non-perishable materials. This solution allows a great adaptability on existing as well as on new building. The setting is easy. It can be complementary to the existing systems.


Competitive advantages

#Adapted system : homogeneity of ventilation for the comfort of animals.
#Standalone system (no electric, pneumatic or other) : energy saving / minimum maintenance.
#Durability : non-perishable materials.
#Adaptability : new and existing.
#Easy to install.
#Complements to existing systems.