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Production of 80,000 tons of 4mm pellet fertilizers

Created in 1991 and a subsidiary of Cooperl Arc Atlantique since 1997, Fertival values the by-products of the Group's subsidiaries in natural fertilizers. The activity of Fertival consists in formulating, in granulating and in promoting natural fertilizers.

The technical team can propose more than 400 different formulas as per the specific needs for every crop. Each of them can contain up to 12 essential raw materials for fertilization (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium sulfate, magnesium etc.).

Fertival is renowned for the excellent value for money and efficiency of its products, but also for the sense of service, responsiveness and technical expertise of its teams, which have made its reputation for nearly 30 years. Facing with an ever-increasing competition, Fertival remains a first-rate partner, assisting its clients in carrying out projects and monitoring results.

Quality management

The company, Certified ISO 9001 -2015, has approved its quality in the french fertilizer market… :

- Viticulture (including Champagne, Loire, Bordeaux, Bourgogne…)
- Tree growing
- Market gardening
- Green spaces
- Large cultures

…As well as overseas : Viticulture, Tree growing, Exotic plantations, Golfs, Resorts…


Organic farming

Fertival has developped a range of products suitable for organic farming.

This range is dedicated to all the crops, all conditions, all soil types


Overseas export sales

The right product at the right price, the loading skills, the proximity of the commercial ports of Montoir-De-Bretagne and Le Havre, added to its commercial ethics, allow Fertival to gradually increase its overseas export sales all around the world.

Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle-East and West Indies are part of the best examples.

Always looking for new partners and new challenges, Fertival remain at your disposal to study your wildest projects !

Fertival Production of 80,000 tons of 4mm pellet fertilizers