360° Pig chain profitability
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UHF tag developed specifically for Cooperl Suite is used for individual or collective animals detection, for each physiological stage, from birth to slaughterhouse.
This technology allows datas collection like linked sow, birth date, internal movement, band changes, weighing, sanitary treatment, slaughter departure, slaughter results...
Thanks to this system, unexpected datas collection and analize until today become possible !


COOPERL SUITE'S APPLICATION for individual tracing of animals from birth to slaughterhouse. With its individual animal management, PASS'PORK is the best tool for improving breeding performances.
> Real time animal stock
> Better valorisation of each pig
> Better management of antibiotic therapy


APPLICATION OF COOPERL SUITE for the management of the breeding stock. PASS'SOW ensures the production of sows until slaughterhouse.
> Optimization of livestock performance through more economical management of the reforms.