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In order to avoid pig diseases and to limit contamination risks it is important to secure your breeding. To do so there are some points you need to follow.
The first one is to train the biosecurity referent of the breeding to be able to set up a biosafety plan and provide the appropriate knowledge for the employees.
Then, it is important to zone the breeding into three areas : the public area (delimited space outside the establishment), the controlled access area and the restricted access area.

The third point is the compulsory passage for the people who leave and come in the breeding that is to say the sanitary airlock to be able to wash their hands, wear a uniform and also to disinfect the incoming equipment.


A clear signage is also important to indicate the business name and the flow management plan which makes a division between the entering and departing circuits.

Then, the fight against pests is also a major concern because the buildings, parks and paddocks approach must be clear and remain in clean conditions. That is written in a biosafety plan which contains a rat extermination plan.
The docks and storage area also need to be review, because the boarding, unloading platform and the storage area must be disinfected after the animals or at least once a month, and the driver is not allowed in the breeding zone.


Afterwards, the knackery zone must be stabilized or concreted with a bin and a bell for the big carcasses. It must be cleaned, disinfected or limed after the butcher's passage or at least once a weak. Also, the people in contact with the area need to wear a special uniform and boots.
Then, to protect the wildlife, the storage of litters, foodstuffs and raw materials must not be in contact with the wild swine. In order to avoid contacts, a protection system must be implemented with a fence. If not the transfer corridors must be cleaned and disinfected between each passage.
The last one is the quarantine which is a mandatory element for farms possessing reproducers; it allows a strict division with the other swine. In this area, it is essential that you wear specific clothes and after each lot the buildings must be cleaned and disinfected.
All the measures need to be set up in the next 3 years.


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