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Animal health

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Since 1990, Farm’Apro, Cooperl animal health branch, is developping the alternative veterinary solutions, to guarantee healthy animals and a highly profitability production.


Research and Development

The R&D center carries out scientific research including feasibility studies and field experiments. Moreover, collaboration between the R&D department and veterinary surgeons and breeders of Cooperl group grants us unlimited information flow and knowledge on animal health issues.



Farm’Apro cooperates with many research units in France  and abroad to share their expertise. They develop new products and para-pharmaceutical solutions to improve animal comfort, breeders convenience and to increase the efficiency, productivity and quality.
Theses products are tested on 6 million pigs, approved by 22 vets.
They are widely used by all of our breeders and sold over the country and in Europe for more than 10 years.



# Dietetics and nutritional : preparations of vitamins and trace elements, intestinal flora regulators, phyto-nutritional supplements

# Hygiene and biosecurity: detergents, water treatment.

# Environment : manure liquefying product, deodorizing products.

# Reproduction : gynecological gel, semen extender.